Living Earth – Clock & Weather iPhone App Review

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Living Earth – Clock & Weather for iPhone is a magnificent live 3D simulation of our globe that includes weather, predictions, and a global clock for millions of towns worldwide. With real-time weather maps and tropical storm monitoring, we can see how the weather is changing across the world. Take a look at the world as it floats among hundreds of precisely drawn stars, and we’ll acquire a whole new perspective on time and weather. With a press of the button, we may make it rotate gently around its axis. We can zoom in and out of the globe with a squeeze, and rotate it with a swipe. Using the application, we’ll see that Living World shadows the half of the earth that isn’t currently being touched by the sun as the earth spins.

Real time complete weather

They may also use our current position to centre the globe. The app has an icon that depicts the current weather and temperature, as well as the day’s high and low temperatures, as well as sunset and dawn timings. Clouds that are updated every three hours, based on near-real-time satellite cloud data. View cloud patterns throughout the world, as well as hurricanes and tropical storms. Today Widget gives easy access to weather fundamentals such as sunrise/sunset times, global clock, and tropical cyclones that are now active. New tropical cyclones and updates on current storm systems can be received via push notifications. The app’s World clock and weather contain over 3 million cities from across the world.

Living Earth Clock Weather iPhone App Review

Get Weather Coverage easily

In the options, we’ll find toggles for live clouds, sunrise timings, brilliant night clouds, gestures, and more. The camera button allows us to send a screenshot of our current screen to Facebook, Twitter, or our Camera Roll. Living Earth is more than simply a weather app because of its alarm clock. We may programme our own interval timings, pick from seven various piano and harp sounds, and even wake up to our own music. Intervals between snoozes range from 2 to 30 minutes. The Milky Way, constellations, and stars are all correctly represented in time and space. With a single payment, we can receive both the iPhone and iPad versions of the application. The app is priced $4.99 to download from iTunes App Store.

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