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When you share your iPhone or iPad with others, it may be your siblings or your little kid, you don’t want them to access certain documents which are very important to you. You don’t want to check out the text or accidentally delete them, do you? So, what can you do to protect them? Well, one of the smartest decisions that you can take is to download the Lock Notes Pro app on your iPhone. Let us take a look at some of the features of the app and see how it really helps you to protect your important documents.

Keep Your Documents Safe

Lock Notes Pro is a perfect fit for users who want to protect their business documents or private journals. It really makes it easy to protect such sensitive documents and avoid any harm to them. You can set a passcode for the documents. If your phone supports touch ID, then you can protect the documents with your touch ID. If you forgot your passcode, then there is no need to worry as you can set security questions. The app also allows you to safely back up your valuable notes to iCloud. This not only protects the data but also allows for seamless sync between your iPhone and iPad. But the app is not only built for protection, it also helps in managing the notes. You can sort the notes by their name, date, or any other custom way. One can also insert images & photos in your notes. You can also print the notes or save them to Camera Roll.

Lock Notes Pro App Features

  1. Protect your notes with a passcode or Touch ID
  2. Safely backup your notes on iCloud
  3. Send notes via text or email
  4. Change the font style and size of the notes


The Lock Notes Pro is a simple yet effective app for users who want to protect their notes. Unlike a few other apps, just a single purchase will cover all your iPhone or iPad devices. So, it offers you value for money as well. Download the app today and never worry about the security of your notes. The app is priced $4.99 to download from App Store.

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