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LookUp: An Elegant Dictionary app for iPhone provides a quickest means to search for a word’s meaning in your iPhone. In fact, apart from the word meaning, you can look up synonyms, etymology and Wikipedia content in just one search. LookUp app can be downloaded for $2.99 from iTunes App Store.


LookUp: An Elegant Dictionary iPhone app is easy to navigate around. Upon opening the app, you’ll see the word of the day, while you can view the previous day’s choices by swiping the cards. To find the meaning of a word, simply enter it in the search box provided. From the search box, you can also access your history of words looked up and starred entries. The results are provided in the form of cards. Cards presented may include the definition, synonyms, the etymology of the word, and the word or phrase’s Wikipedia page. Most of the times, the results are pretty accurate save few errors at times.


The simple UI of LookUp: An elegant dictionary for iPhone does not get in the way of your word search. The beautifully illustrated word of the day posters makes learning a new word everyday a fun experience. The images results make it easier sometimes to grasp the word definitions better. Further, the in-app browser help you view the ‘read more’ links without leaving the app. LookUp: An elegant dictionary app for iPhone has also recently added Apple Watch support that enables a user to look up a word right from his wrist. LookUp: An elegant dictionary app for iPhone does not have a home database. It uses internet connectivity to look up the meaning of words. Performance wise, the app is stable and responsive.


If you’re in the lookout for a dictionary app that provides more than just word meanings, then LookUp: An elegant dictionary app for iPhone is worth a look in. It got a simple enough UI that allows for super quick word lookup. The word search results are largely accurate. The in-app browser helps you view the links form within the app. Another notable feature is the Apple Watch support. Overall, an iPhone optimized dictionary app that let you quickly look up word meanings and synonyms from a friendly UI.

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