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The modern day mobile phone has really become quite smart. This is probably the reason why it is called a smartphone. Today’s smart phones are capable of a lot more than just calling or sending texts. The iPhone contains a lot of inbuilt apps which enhances the utility of the device. At the same point of time, you have thousands of different apps on the iTunes app store which adds further utility to the phone. They might add some features that you might not expect. One such app is the Lumin app for the iPhone.


Lumin for iPhone is a really a fantastic app that you could install in your smart phone. So what this app does? Well, it turns your iPhone into a magnifying glass! That’s cool, isn’t it? Lumin turns your iPhone into a pair of high resolution reading glasses that is capable of giving you highly magnified images. No matter what the image might be, the app really helps you to explore and appreciate all its minute details in the truest sense. You can use the app to read the fine print of product labels with ease. You can read the menus of restaurant even in low light. It would even help you to capture something in darkness and magnify it whenever you want. Not only does the app allow you to magnify the images, it also helps you to keep a history of the images that you have magnified and it also helps you to share the images with your friends and others.


Lumin iPhone app is much more than just a magnifying glass. Thanks to the ability to share the images, you can share things like product labels, wine labels and menus with your friends. Isn’t that simply amazing? The app is so powerful that you could even have a closer look at the eye of a bug. Yes, it is that advanced! Lumin for iPhone also helps you to send close up of the bruises and injuries to your doctor and get better advice over the phone itself. Really, this simple app would help you in a number of ways and make your iPhone even more useful. Therefore, the app is really a must have for your iPhone.


Lumin for iPhone is really a great app for your iPhone. We were really astonished by the magnifying ability of the app and the resolution it gives in high magnification is really something that would something that would surprise you. You would get decent image quality even with a low resolution camera. Lumin app works flawlessly and without any snags. The app is really simple to use and you would find it really easy to share the images. If you are really looking to enhance the utility of your iPhone, then this is one of the best apps that you can install. So, take the help of Lumin app and enhance the power of your iPhone.

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