Manual Camera Android App Review

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The latest version of Android, Lollypop, had permitted developers to tap into the camera API and control shooting parameters such as white balance, shutter speed, ISO, focusing distance etc. Manual Camera app for Android exploits this feature to provide full manual control over your phone camera. You can download Manual Camera app for $2.99 at Google Play Store.


Manual Camera app for Android has a pretty clean and uncluttered UI. The viewfinder provides a left panel with shooting parameters, and upon a tap on one, you’ll get a wheel on the left, below the virtual shutter to adjust settings. Users also have the option to lock individual settings in auto mode. More specifically, you start in full Auto mode. From here you can Lock each of the parameters separately, and then adjust them manually by rotating the Wheel. For novices, this is a reasonable way out. It also gives an opportunity to self educate themselves on how these DSLR tools work. Now, what is missing is an optical zoom, which will effectively complete the loop.

Manual Camera Android App

Other notable features of Manual Camera Android app include timer, GPS, gridlines, sound on/off, maximum screen brightness on/off, geo tagging and RAW format. If to suggest few changes, a button to launch a video camera app, and the ability to configure volume button as shutter release would have made things much easier for the users. A single click button to close the app would also come handy. At present, tapping the soft key triggers the shutter button at times. As mentioned earlier, Manual Camera app for Android exploits the new camera API, introduced by Lollipop. Hence you can’t use the app for older Android versions. The app is reasonably stable and responsive.


In a sense, Manual Camera app for Android brings DSLR features to your phone camera. The app let you customize various parameters such as white balance, focusing distance, ISO, and shutter speed to click awesome photos using phone camera. It also supports DNG format, geo tagging, and GPS. The UI is clean and user friendly. On the flipside, the app works only with Android Lollipop. Overall, a feature-rich camera app that virtually turns your phone camera into a DSLR. Check it out if you’re a photography buff.

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