MeeTime – Meeting & Presentation Timer iPhone App Review

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Meetings can be quite taxing, and at times, it seems to drag on forever. Hence it is important that you manage what you do within the meeting hours efficiently. MeeTime – Meeting & Presentation app for iPhone helps you to keep them on track and productive, and maybe even end early. You can get the app for $2.99 from iTunes.

What is it about?

MeeTime – Meeting & Presentation app for iPhone has a friendly UI that makes it easy to create agenda for your meeting. The app starts automatically, and helps you keep your meetings on track and it is easier than ever to finish a meeting on time. Should things not go to plan, the “Auto time remaining” setting automatically apportions over/under-runs across the remainder of the agenda. More precisely, if an agenda item in your meeting finishes early, the app automatically adds the rest of the time to remaining sessions. That way, you will get the entire time that you’d allotted for the meeting.

MeeTime – Meeting & Presentation for iPhone also reminds the participant if his/her presentation is dragging on unendingly. The timer starts to flash red, letting the user know that it is time to wrap up fast. As you give the floor to someone else, the timer starts over again. Further, if you run late, the overrun time is equally spread across all the agenda so that the meeting can always finish on time. In the end, the app also shows you the amount of time you’d saved after you close out the meeting. Yes, it will also congratulate you for doing that! The UI layout of MeeTime is well designed and easy to navigate. The time remaining is displayed in a graphical format for easy comprehension. You also got an option to share agendas to your note app. Performance wise, the app is largely stable and responsive. It requires iOS versions 8.0 or higher.

Final Take

MeeTime – Meeting & Presentation app for iPhone helps you to optimize the use of time during meetings, and in the process, makes the meeting sessions productive. You just create the agendas with the allotted time, and the app does the rest. It’s ‘auto time remaining’ automatically allocates over/under-runs across the remainder of agenda therein ensuring that the entire time you’d allotted for the whole meeting is productively used. The UI design is user friendly and the controls are intuitive. Overall, a well-made meeting management app worth checking out.

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