Minds on Physics iPhone App Review

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Minds on Physics – Part I app for iPhone is the first installation of a six part series relating to various physics topics. It is the mobile version of the popular Minds on Physics Internet Modules found at the publisher’s website. You can download the app for $0.99 from iTunes App Store.


For many students, physics is a difficult to understand subject/topic. But in reality, it is quite interesting and explores the laws of nature. Once you get a hang of the subject, things will start to fall in place. This is exactly what Minds on Physics – the App intends to achieve. Widely known as MOPs, Minds on Physics – the App for iPhone is a physics learning tool that delivers a collection of questions that target students’ misconceptions and misunderstandings. The app essentially blends the need for careful reading, logical reasoning, and physics understanding in an effort to produce a confident and able physics student. Minds on Physics the app – Part I features 29 missions pertaining to topics in kinematics, vectors, and projectiles. That is, three of the 15 modules in the Minds On Physics Program are included in this app. These include the Kinematic Concepts, the Kinematic Graphing, and the Vectors and Projectiles modules. Rest of the topics is distributed across the five parts of the app that can be downloaded separately.

Minds on Physics iPhone App Review

The UI design is decent, if not great. It won’t score many points on the aesthetic front. Some users have complained that the buttons are not user friendly enough. The white background makes the contents standout. The diagrams and charts are easy to comprehend, so are the descriptive part. Performance wise, the app is slick and responsive. It requires iOS versions 5.1 or later.


The first installation of Minds on Physics app for iPhone is robust, easy to use, and quite helpful to Physics students. It selectively addresses students’ misconceptions and misunderstandings through a collection of questions. By attempting to solve the questions, students learn the fundamental concepts of physics and its applications, which goes as long way in making a student curious and confident. The app is easy to use, even though the buttons could have been made more user friendly. It is also largely stable. Check this app out if you are a physics student.

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