Minecraft: Pocket Edition iPhone Game App Review

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If you have always loved the iOS game store then you are probably well aware of Minecraft’s popularity. We would like to tell you that currently Minecraft game has gone through a number of updates and today it offers a higher experience than just placing blocks and building houses. Minecraft: Pocket Edition game for iPhone is not free; but we are sure you will love everything it has to offer against the money you spend on it. Let us check out what this game has got for its addicts.


Minecraft: Pocket Edition game for iPhone sets you on a venture and you will be asked to explore some randomly generated worlds and built some really amazing structures from the simplest of materials. You can play in the creative mode and access unlimited resources to build the grandest of castles. Go into the survival mode and mine deep into the given world. Love weaponry? Minecraft game will need you to make dangerous weapons to fend off dangerous mobs that would be harmful for your city. You can now explore your love for exploration with this game, wither alone or with your friends. The game works well on smart phones and Windows 10.

Minecraft Pocket Edition iPhone Game App Review

The latest version of Minecraft: Pocket Edition for iPhone has some killer updates in the form of Redstone wire, basic Redstone circuits, the first set of Redstone producers as well as consumers. For more Redstone functionalities, you will simply have to wait for the next updates. You have desert temples with this one and there are zombies too! Fend off the rogues with Dark Oak, Acacia, Birch, Spruce and Jungle doors. For more fun, there is also a Biome Settlers Pack. You can get new skins for this one from the Desert, Forest and Tundra.


The game requires iOS 5.1.1 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Minecraft: Pocket Edition iPhone game app costs $6.99 to download from iTunes App Store. The game has been loved by tons of downloaders and the count is multiplying with each passing day. So, go grab it and explore a world full of mystery and action!

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