Mini Metro Sublime Subway Simulator Android App Review

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Mini Metro┬áSublime Subway Simulator for Android is a simple strategic simulation game in which we must build a metro network for a rapidly expanding city. The goal of the game is for players to build an effective rail transit network for a fast developing metropolis. Stations are represented by variously shaped nodes, and players may link them by drawing lines to create railways. The look of stations and people is procedurally created, and the levels are based on real cities. To imitate the appearance of current transportation maps, Mini Metro game’s graphic style uses strong colours and basic geometry.

Interesting gameplay

The rhythms and sounds that were generated were influenced by minimal music. The player decides which city map to play initially. Each level begins with three train stations and is a flat representation of a genuine metropolis. Train stations are represented by nodes of various shapes. By drawing lines between stations, players may create routes that connect them, each route has a different colour. Passengers arrive at stations, each marked by a form that indicates the station to which they wish to travel. Passenger board trains that move along routes that take them to their preferred stations. The transportation network becomes increasingly complicated as rivers, conflicting railway lines, and the addition of more stations and people occur over time. Each station in the “Normal” game option may only handle a certain number of waiting passengers, if the stations become too crowded and the threshold is reached, the level ends. After failing, players can continue to develop their network in the “Endless” game option, which has no restriction on the number of stations.

Mini Metro Sublime Subway Simulator Android App

One of the best simulative game

Players gain upgrades every week of in-game time to help slow the network’s expansion. Each upgrade grants the player a new train car as well as a choice of two more random choices, such as an extra rail line, an extra train carriage, extra tunnels, or an interchange. The transit simulation can be halted at any time to allow for rail route rebuilding and changes. Create subways for London, Paris, New York City, Osaka, Saint Petersburg, Sao Paulo, Istanbul, and Auckland, among others. Each has its own colour scheme, challenges, and pace. A generative audio system is used in the game to produce noises depending on the player’s activities and the transit network. Mini Metro┬áSublime Subway Simulator Android app is priced $1.20 to download from Google Play Store.

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