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Missile Cards for iPhone is an intense solitaire-style turn-based defense card game loosely inspired by the retro Atari classic Missile Command. Arm your defenses and blast away flaming death orbs, nuclear warheads, and other hazards hurtling down from space. On successful completing of missions, you’ll earn points and level up. Missile Cards game can be downloaded for $2.99 from iTunes App Store.

What is it about?

Missile Cards for iPhone is for fans of mashup games. In the game, your survival depends a lot on strategy and defence. Avoid annihilation through strategic card play and pressure cooker defence card deployment. It should be kept in mind that every choice could be life or death. If to describe the game play in one sentence, the game mixes the defend-your-base action of the classic Atari game Missile Command with the solitaire-style tactics of Card Crawl. The players are presented with 5 challenging bases/decks full of unique hazards, defenses, special gameplay and challenging missions. Optimally use your defences to protect your base and collect debris to spend in the shop. You can deploy missiles, lasers, cannons, shields, repair drones, or orbital death rays to defend your turf. On successfully finishing missions, you will earn experience points and level up. You can spend your points to upgrade your base so that it becomes stronger, making it easier to defend. This could be stronger weapons, multipliers or the like. Your survival eventually depends on how quickly you manage to fortify your base. The game is perfect for solo card play.

The UI of Missile Cards for iPhone is decent, if not great. The graphics though pixelated looks nice. The bright and vibrant color palette stands out, while the icons are easy to read. We found the game to be slick and responsive as well. Missile Cards game requires iOS versions 8.0 or higher.


Missile Cards for iPhone features a retro 16-bit aesthetic that serves as a great homage to classic games like Missile Command. The game play takes place in various planets so that you get to see some charming places on the backdrop of the grid you’re playing on. The fast and strategic game play is nevertheless fun and challenging. The animations are slick and smooth. The chiptune soundtrack augurs well with the action unfolding on screen. It is also stable. Overall, an excellent title in terms of visual and audio design that you’ll fall in love with.

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