Monopoly‬ Classic Board Game App for iPhone Review

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Monopoly for iPhone reinvents the classic board game in your smartphone. The app lets you okay the classic game of monopoly wherever and whenever you want with your family and friends. There are several different sets with which you can build houses. You get everything when you win the game. The game allows you to set your own rules. You will discover new cities and experience a whole new world. You get your favorite tokens like Pagoda, Geta Shoe, Samurai Helmet and Origami you can play with. The whole theme is based out of the historic cherry blossom in Tokyo. You get time build your property during the spring season right under the shadow of Mount Fuji.

Roll The Dice And Play The Game Of Monopoly With Your Device

Monopoly for iPhone is a beautiful and intuitive gaming app that lets you play the greatest game all by yourself. The Hasbro classic game will allow you to roll the dice, build, buy, sell and scheme. You can become the richest landlord amongst over billions of people who play the game across the world. You can play the game offline or online. The game has all the common house rules and you can play as single player or multiplayer. You will get to play with the artificial intelligence. Offline multiplayer mode will let you play together when you are physically together. Online mode will allow you to play with people around the world. The app allows you to create private games you can play with just your family and friends.

Monopoly‬ Classic Board Game App for iPhone

Classic Board Game App

Monopoly will give you a whole new experience of the classic board game. It brings the board to life in a beautiful way including 3D designs and animations to create houses and hotels. The quick mode will let you finish the game faster than in real life. The app is available in Korean, German, Italian, French, Spanish and English. The app has minimal payment for download and use. There are no ads placed by the developer. There are in-app purchases available in the app to purchase different game packs. The app requires iOS 10.0 and above. It is compatible with iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

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