Monument Valley App for iPhone Review

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Monument Valley is the most beautiful iPhone game of 2014 which has already fetched 4+ rating in a span of two days and creating ripples in the gaming world. Created by Ustwo studios Ltd, the game is a blended mixture of artwork, intuitive control and adequate puzzle solving which has put everyone into a daze. The app is designed for both iPad and iPhone. Monument Valley is a paid app which cost $3.99 but the game experience is outstanding and will stay with you like a beautiful dream.

Game Features

The objective of Monument Valley game is to guide the Princess Ida (character name) through a spectacular beautiful world where laws of physics, geometry and gravity has nothing to do. The primary phase of Monument Valley is promptly astounding, where Ida walk a couple of steps and find the path is going nowhere. It’s a game of imagination where path doesn’t exist as in the real world. The player can twist and drag to reshape the world and help Ida to explore through impossible architecture, unfolding optical illusions and uncovering hidden paths. Monument valley is propelled by moderate 3D design, optical illusions and palaces and temples from every corner of the world. The game can be synchronized across all the devices by iCloud.

Monument Valley App for iPhone

There will be no hard challenges to be faced in the game and your experiments will guide Ida towards an assured solution. The game is designed to push the player ahead with ideas and execution. The graphics and sound of the game won’t let you move away from the game. Every interaction you have with the screen is enhanced with a musical sound effect whether it’s turning blocks sound like a wind-up music box or gears sound like the strings of an acoustic guitar. The best and pleasing part of Monument Valley game is to think and create optical illusions when you got stuck and a frequenting soundscape goes with each touch and swipe in your connections with Ida.


Monument Valley app is designed for iPhone 4 and above. It is not compatible with iPod Touch 4th Generation. The game requires IOS 6.0 or above for its best performance. Get this game on App Store to stroll with wandering Princess Ida through a lovely world to find her way to the exit.

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