Mosquitone Detector iPhone App Review

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Mosquitone Detector app for iPhone identifies high-frequency noises and ultrasonic sounds that are difficult to hear with human hearing. It’s possible that it’s been subjected to artificial high-frequency noise when you’re not paying attention. Such high-frequency sounds may be detected and shown with this software. The human hearing range is believed to be 20 Hz to 20 kHz in general, however sounds over 10 kHz become increasingly harder to hear as people become older. For example, high-frequency high-power noise generators are increasingly being put in various locations with the goal of deterring young people and beast pests utilising very high-frequency mosquito sounds that are inaudible to most adults. There are situations where small children, in particular, stay in a horrible area while being in an extremely noisy setting because people are unable to identify them.

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Use Mosquitone Detector iPhone app to locate high-frequency noise, which will allow you to swiftly flee the problem area or eliminate the source of the noise. The “Detect” and “Search” modes of operation are available in this application. “Detect” can determine whether there are any high-frequency or ultrasonic noises that you are unable to hear. “Search” can be used to locate the source of a high-frequency sound. It can only be used once “Detect” has discovered the peak frequency. Detection of high-frequency sound and ultrasonic waves, with the highest level’s peak frequency shown. You may search for sound source directions that are 360 degrees horizontally in the app. The application’s detectable frequency range is 8kHz to 23kHz (2 band division). In Detect mode, you may choose the gain range from 0 to 100dB, -10 to 90dB, and -20 to 80dB.

Mosquitone Detector iPhone App Review

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The operating method comprises selecting a detectable frequency range, from which we may choose “16k-23k” (greater than 16kHz) or “8k-15k” (less than 16kHz) (less than 16kHz). It detects an inaudible high frequency and ultrasonic sound in the frequency band greater than 16 kHz in detect mode (or less than 16 kHz). The detecting function is started when you press the START button. The peak frequency of any high-frequency or ultrasonic sound will be presented on the graph. By changing the gain range, you may make the graph display easier to view. It detects the occurrence direction of the high-frequency sound source that recognised the peak frequency in Search mode. Only when high frequency or ultrasonic sound is detected in “Detect” can “Search” be utilised. The app is priced $5.99 to download from iTunes App Store.

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