Mow them down with Chopper App for iPhone

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Mowing stuff down is a favorite pastime for many people that indulge in video games. Now that you have an iPhone, you can indulge in one of the excellent mowing them down games for that platform by playing Chopper app for iPhone.

Hours of side-scrolling fun

Side-scrolling games are great for the iPhone because in many ways it is really like a handheld gaming system like the PSP or DS. However, the Chopper iPhone app is a side-scrolling game is more of a throwback to an earlier era. You take the helm at a helicopter and it is your job to get through each mission while at the same time avoiding the people that are shooting at you with bazookas and tanks. If you can do this, you will eventually advance far enough to get through all of the twenty different levels the game comes with. Have you beaten the entire game? No problem! Just ramp up the difficulty level to the hardest of the four and go through the game again.

Versatility in addition to game play

Gaming apps can certainly have game play, but it is the ones that bring versatility off the gaming board that really get a lot of extra praise. Chopper iPhone game app for example is compatible with both the iPhone and the iPad. Once you’ve purchased it once for a very reasonable fee, you can play it on both systems and increase the versatility that you get from it.

Additionally, Chopper app for iPhone is a great app because it allows you to autosave the games that you are playing. If you suddenly have to exit the app for some reason or if the iPhone gets dropped and/or shuts off, the game is saved for you because the autosave feature triggers as soon as the mobile app is closed. There are even multiple slots available that get saved to at the end of levels so that you can pretty much go back to any point within the game and then play from there if it was one of your favorites.

Final Score

Chopper app for iPhone is a great game, but it is also a decent iPhone mobile application in terms of overall functionality and innovation. Often times cheaper games forget to be the latter even if they are the former and that costs them points overall. Our final score for Chopper iPhone game app is a very respectable 8 out of 10.

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