mSecure App for Android Review

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It is always better to keep your passwords and other private info safe and locked. mSecure app for Android is a password manager app that will help you do just that. The app uses secure 256bit blowfish encryption to protect your personal details. You can get mSecure Android app for $9.99 from Google Play Store.

mSecure App Features

Imagine a situation wherein you lost your phone. If you had mSecure app for Android installed in your device, you can have some amount of peace of mind knowing that mSecure has safeguarded your web site logins, bank accounts and credit cards thereby protecting your reputation, identity and finances.

Android mSecure app got a pretty user friendly interface. The app comes with a range of different pre-defined types – such as bank accounts, credit cards and email passwords – that people usually uses. It is also possible to have your own templates if you want something different from the default templates. You can use the predefined icons to mark your account type so that later it will be easy to identify your certain details – bank accounts (say) – from the other types. Further, you can mark any records as your favorite for quick access. The app also comes with a reliable search feature to find out what you’re looking for in case you got tons of confidential information to protect.

mSecure App for Android

You can also have few security settings on your phone such as auto-locking the screen after a set time or have the app to self destruct the entire saved data if one makes few incorrect password entries (such as 5th or 10th failed attempt). Further, using the app, you can sync your credentials and secure info via Dropbox. Of course, you got to enter your Dropbox login/password in mSecure, and there is another secure layer on top of it that requires a sync password as well. This sync password is shared by all mSecure products across different platforms. Apart from cloud backup, the app supports email attachment backup/restore for quick backups. Also, the auto-backup feature creates backups when changes are made.


mSecure app for Android outscores its competitors in its robustness, reliability, features, and overall ease of use. It uses the reliable 256bit blowfish encryption to protect your personal details. Cloud sync and auto backup features give you the flexibility to store and access your personal information anytime and from anywhere. Customization options come handy. Verdict: A password manager app worth trying out.

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