My Macros+ Diet Tracking App for Android Review

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In terms of the functionality accessible, My Macros+ Diet, Weight, and Calorie Tracker is a very conventional meal monitoring application. You may pick from a database of food products, personalize your own, and even scan barcodes from within the app to quickly locate food items. You’ll also have access to all of the standard features, such as adding foods and meals to your Favorites list or seeing them in the Recent and Frequent lists. You can also track your bodyweight; thus, this app clearly meets the needs of folks like myself who desire a fitness tracker app. You may define objectives and targets, as well as build lists for “preferred, recent, and frequent” usage, with this easier-to-use software.

Complete diet tracking solution

You may eat as many meals as you like with the app; no more being limited to merely breakfast, lunch, supper, and snacks. You may enter bespoke food directly from the label, and the app will convert and save it correctly for you, allowing you to use it in any serving size quickly and easily. You may log your water in cups, fluid ounces, millilitres, or gallons, and you can pull up lists of your favourite meals or things you’ve just consumed to keep track even faster. It offers a built-in menu of your favourite brands and restaurants’ meals. All foods are entirely customisable; create your own dish in any serving size or change the serving amount of an existing food.

My Macros Diet Tracking App for Android

Precise nutritional breakdown

You can simply follow your progress by graphing your weight over time. Using the My Circle function, you can find out what meals your friends consume and track their progress. View their menus and recipes for ideas on how to improve your own. The software works seamlessly across all platforms. The food will be instantly scanned and tracked using a barcode scanner. The daily reporting system will allow you to keep track of your weight and progress. A macro calculator can help you break down your daily dietary requirements. A monthly subscription to the app allows you to engage with an AI-powered system that can assist you with your nutrition. To understand your goals, the app wants you to complete a questionnaire. The app gives out macro-objectives to help you measure your progress and stay in shape. The app is priced $2.60 to download from Google Play Store.

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