My Writing Spot App for Android Review

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My Writing Spot for Android is one of the best applications for writing available for smart phones. Developed by PT Software Solutions, the app has fetched an impressive rating of 4.1 out of 5 on the Google Play Store and brings splendid features on the board to unleash the power of writing. The app is compatible with both Smartphone and tablets. The app costs $2.99 and can be downloaded from Google Play Store.


My Writing Spot for Android provides a simple, unobtrusive and splendid user interface. The app works as a standalone application and provides a better synchronizing once a user linked it to the same free web app. The objective of the app is to let a user write as per the desire and it keeps all the writing in an organized way. It provides a landscape and portrait mode to experience writing similar to the PC and holds all the features such as word count, font colour, font type etc. Besides this, it unveils a dictionary which lets a user to quickly look for an unknown word. The app comes up with a password protection in order to save the writing documents from any unauthorized access.

My Writing Spot App for Android

The outstanding feature of My Writing Spot app is its synchronization ability to quickly link the user’s writing documents to the free My Writing Spot web app or a Gmail account which enhances the document management. The app works well in sending the documents as an email and act as a handy tool to keep track of To-do list and notes. The other exemplary features include automatic saving of the documents in a few minutes, night mode to experience a pleasant writing in the night time, scroll bar feature , shortcuts such as Ctrl + arrow to skip words and many more which makes writing pleasant.


My Writing Spot apprequires Android version 2.0 or higher and 473 KB of space for its installation. If you are an individual who adores writing or looking for an app to put your struck ideas on the go, then it’s a best app available on the Android platform. Grab a copy of My Writing Spot from Google Play Store to unleash the ideas brewing in the mind.

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