MyBonds iPhone Finance App Review

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MyBonds by Permusoft is a iOS paid app that helps you track and summarise the value of your US Savings Bonds. MyBonds allows you to construct an unlimited number of portfolios and bonds, as well as see their total values in real time. You may also construct virtual portfolios to see how diversification your assets across different series affects your money. MyBonds strives to give accurate assessments, however the actual redemption value of a bond is determined by a variety of circumstances outside their control. MyBonds may print a report of your bond holdings to any printer that is compatible with your iPhone or iPad. MyBonds safeguards your privacy by encrypting your financial data with industry-standard methods.

Track your U.S. Savings Bonds

An optional lock screen might help you stay even safer. The Home Screen of MyBonds for iPhone displays a list of your portfolios, as well as the total value and interest of all the bonds in each, and the total value and interest of all your bonds at the bottom. You may build a new portfolio for arranging your bonds on the Home Screen. The ring graph shows how much each bond series adds to the portfolio in terms of dollar present value. You may add and remove bonds from your portfolio using MyBonds’ Portfolio Screen Edit Mode. The Bond Screen uses an artistic representation of a genuine US Savings Bond to display the characteristics of a certain bond. Relationship Screen Edit Mode offers you the tools to change the many qualities of your bond, and the colourful display updates instantly to reflect your input. The Settings Screen has a number of features to help you get the most out of MyBonds.

MyBonds iPhone App Review

Protect data with passcode

When the Passcode Screen is activated from the Settings Screen, it will show every time MyBonds is started and will prompt you for your passcode before enabling you to proceed. The bright, innovative UI is both captivating and simple to use. For bond series EE, I, and E, MyBonds offers you with up-to-date values. Below the bond, the Bond Screen shows three dollar values: Present Value, Investment, and Interest Earned. MyBonds adds an extra layer of security by allowing you to destroy all of your bond information after 10 failed tries to enter your passcode. MyBonds has a lovely dark setting that may be used in low-light situations. The app is priced $2.99 to download from iTunes App Store.

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