Necrometer and The Miracle Box – Spirit Communicating Android Apps

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Necrometer and The Miracle Box are spirit communicating apps for those who love to make conversation with otherside. These apps are specially designed for paranormal enthusiasts and ghost hunters who are out there for chilling adventures.

Necrometer Android App

A multifunctional app used to detect and communicate with spirits. Necrometer ghost hunting app is typically aim to assist paranormal enthusiasts in detecting, recording, and documenting potential paranormal phenomena. The app uses various sensors and features to capture datas and detect detect levels of magnetic interference in the environment. The relevance of the communication is determined by multiple factors including spirit connection and strength. You can download the app and the app workds in Text mode and Speech mode. In Text mode begin your questions by sliding the power botton over to “Text” and start walking around a hunted location. If the app detect energy anomalies or any magnetic interference words will begin coming through the app. Those who have stronger connection may experience more direct communication from the otherside. If you go for the speech mode slide the power button to “Speech”. This is a unique feature that provides audible spirit communication. The strength of communication recieved completely depends on various factors.

The Necrometer is an all-in-one app that is used to detect energy anomalies in certain area produce words and phrases that can provide relevant clues/information, and provide audible ITC/EVP communication from spirit. The app is compatabile to Android as well as iPhone, iPad and iPod devices. The app costs $9.99 to download.

Key Features:

Text and Speech Modes available
Audible ITC/EVP communication
Detect levels of magnetic interference

Necrometer Android App

The Miracle Box Android App

The Miracle Box is an app used for Spirit Communication and ITC Research. It is an advanced app based on eleven years of research and it will not work for everyone. If you have a connection with the other side then only you will hear replies coming through. The app is designed to bring you true responses always use the app with a clear mind and if you dont hear replies then use it another time or change the location. If you are depressed or fearful of hearing otherside voices dont use it, as fear is an energy that attract the undesirable spirts.

How to Use:

Pick a voice and press record then ask the question move the slider to the right for 1 to 3 seconds and slide back. If there is a presence and if you can connect with the other side then you may hear some reply or sometime gibberish. If you didn’t hear anything always check your recording as it could have changed.  You must use the app correctly, responsibly and at your own risk. Before using the app dont forget to see the complete information and question answers on how to use. The app is avilable in Google Play for just $2.99 and is compatable for Android 4.4 and up.

The Miracle Box Android App

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