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Creativity is one of those skills that everyone needs to excel in life, albeit in varying solutions. You might be the chairman of a big multinational or just an ordinary person; you would get creativity to solve the problems of everyday life. However, there are times when we just run short on creativity. It seems like we are facing a problem that has no solution. In such moments all we need is inspiration. Now, inspiration is not something that you get just like that. Some of you would probably say that inspiration is one of the hardest things to come by. However, if you have an iPhone then you can easily get the inspiration that you need. How? Well, you just need to download and install the Oflow Creative App for iPhone.


Oflow for iPhone is aptly called the creativity app and it does exactly what it says – the app gives you the inspiration to be a creative. Oflow has been wonderfully designed as it has a number of ways to make you more creative. The app has more than 150 tips and prompts which have been proven to be highly effective to make you more creative. You would really get astonished on how these simple tips and prompts would help you to come up with really great ideas. The app would allow you to do things like creating mind maps and drawing in the dark. If you want to get more such effective ways to become more creative, then this is the right app for you. You can set daily creativity reminders so that you get reminded at a specific time everyday and feel more creative every day.


Oflow for iPhone allows you to share your creativity with your friends, colleagues and collaborators via Twitter, Facebook or Email. You can also export your creative ideas to Evernote. By doing all of that, the app not only allows you but your entire team to be more creative and more productive. You can also create bookmarks and keep notes. Just like your creativity creates endless possibilities for you, this app creates endless possibilities for you. Oflow requires iOS 5.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. The app costs $0.99 to download from iTunes.


Oflow app for iPhone is an amazing application that helps you to be more creative. All the tips and prompts are equally effective and they work in different ways. So, download and install the Oflow app and become more creative and more productive and live life in a positive way.

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