OmniFocus 2 iPhone App Review

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OmniFocus 2 for iPhone by the Omni Group is an entirely re-designed and re-imagined version of their trendy task management suite. The app is built for those people who are serious about tracking when and what they need to do. Omnifocus 2 is available for download at iTunes for $39.99. It offers in-app purchases too.


Upon initiating Omnifocus 2 on the iPhone, you are acknowledged with a naive view of all the items you interrelate with. All these segments should be rather known to existing Omnifocus 2 users. The Forecast Summary section beside the top gives you a swift view of what tasks you have due each day. You can opt to tie in your local Calendar app as well so as to view events and appointments all in one place. Touching on any day in the Forecast Summary section illustrates an entire list of what you have planned and due that day. Additional sections on the Home screen of Omnifocus 2 include the Inbox in the first section. You can also quickly add a task by touching the add task button in the bottom right of the Home screen.

OmniFocus 2 iPhone App

When adding a task, it filters into the Inbox unless you specify what project or folder you want to put it in. When adding tasks quickly, touch the Save+ button in place of just the Save button in order to keep adding tasks without having to tap new task each time. A neat shortcut to keep in mind is that holding down on the Back button in any menu will immediately return you to the Home section of Omnifocus 2. The subsequent sections of the app bring together tasks based on how you have allocated them. The Flagged section only demonstrates the tasks that you have marked as standard. Tapping on the Project section will show you a quick rundown of what projects you have. A great new feature is the summary dots that show a quick view of what’s inside each project without even opening it. A red dot indicates overdue tasks while an orange dot indicates a task that is due soon. Each task within that project gets its own dot.


Even without the syncing to other platforms this is a powerful app. The profundity of options on hand in OmniFocus 2 for iPhone is sometimes found to be confusing.

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