One Touch Dial App for iPhone Review

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It is often difficult to search the address book to dial the desired number. This is why apps such as One Touch Dial for iPhone come handy. It is one of the best speed Dial and T9 dial/smart dial app available in iTunes App Store. The app is pretty easy to use. You can get One Touch Dial for $1.99.


One Touch Dial app for iPhone is centered on a touch screen tile interface. You can arrange the various images of your contacts on the screen and simply touch them to initiate a call. If to compare this with iOS’ chief competitor Android, the latter had this feature from Froyo days as a default utility. So it is no first. Using One Touch Dial for iPhone, you can have as much as 15 one touch dial icons per screen. Further, you can assign five specific actions to each dial image. That is, in addition to making calls, you can tap on the icon to text a person, or bring up WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, Email, Facebook, or Skype.

One Touch Dial App for iPhone

Editing or rearranging the tiles is an intuitive thing. Simply tap and hold on a tile for two seconds and then click on the shaking icon to edit it. If you want to rearrange the icons on screen, just click and hold on an image and drag it to the required location on the screen. Of course, you can choose between large, medium and small interface depending upon how many contacts you wish to feature. The UI of One Touch Dial app for iPhone is well designed. It is pretty easy to customize your icons. The app is compatible with iOS versions 5.1 or higher.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a means to quickly dial your important contacts, One Touch Dial app for iPhone might just fit the bill. The app let you dial your favorite numbers with a single tap on the contact icon. Apart from calling, you can also tap on the icon to text the particular person, or bring up the popular SNS websites or email. Customization options come handy. Performance wise, the app is pretty stable and responsive. The UI is well designed and easy to follow. In short, One Touch Dial for iPhone is a speed dial app worth checking out.

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