Open Flash Pro App for Android Review

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SWF Flash files always had incompatibility issues in the computing world. For users, it is the most frustrating experience to have a file format that does not play in standard applications. Thanks to its unique design, common video players do not play SWF file formats. Open Flash Pro App for Android attempts to change this scenario by providing an app that could easily play SWF Flash files. Open Flash Pro app may be downloaded from Android Google Play Store for a nominal $1.29.

How Open Flash Pro App works?

Open Flash Pro App for Android is born with a specific duty – to play SWF Flash files. Whether video, animation, or game, if it is an SWF Flash file, the app can play it. But there lies also the catch: Open Flash Pro does not play any other formatted files. It basically works with SWF Flash files only, which is a downer. To use Open Flash Pro Android application is quick and easy. To begin with, save your SWF Flash files in a directory of your SD card. Now initiate Open Flash Pro, navigate to the desired file (like you attach a file in email), and play it. As simple as that! Since Android does not support playing SWF files, you have to navigate to the said files saved in the SD card instead of relying on your default file manager. Also, when playing flash you can delete, send, bookmark and replay current flash file by selecting menu item.

Open Flash Pro App for Android

Another feature of Open Flash Pro App for Android is that you can add files or directory to bookmarks. The last accessed directory will be remembered automatically by the app for your convenience. The user interface is well laid out and easy to navigate. The application is compatible with Froyo and above. Android Open Flash Pro App is also available in an ad-supported free of cost version.

Final Thoughts

Open Flash Pro App for Android is a life saver, as far as playing the least supported SWF Flash files goes. But the biggest downer is that it is an exclusive SWF Flash file player. You can’t play other files types in this app. Otherwise, the app is user friendly for most parts, and plays SWF Files quickly and smoothly. If you think $1.29 is farfetched, you can first try out its ad-supported free version. Verdict: A must have accessory if you have some SWF Flash files in your Android device that you’re desperate to play.

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