Papa’s Mocharia To Go iPhone App Review

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Papa’s Mocharia To Go! for iPhone is an entertaining strategy iOS game in which you manage an Italian coffee establishment. This 2D game is the 15th episode in the renowned restaurant time-management game series Papa Louie, developed by Flipline Studios. Papa’s Mocharia To Go! is a time management game in which you must juggle orders effectively while making coffee and cannolis. You can play as Allan, Akari, or a custom character in this game. You must operate the coffee shop after being recruited, as well as star in a documentary film about it. The objective is straightforward: receive orders, fulfil flawless orders, retain clients, and develop the business till the main tale concludes. Multitasking will be required when boiling coffee, heating milk, stacking beverages, and making cannolis.

Really fun gameplay!

Papa Louie has launched a new coffee shop in New Pepperton that specialises in custom-layered coffee beverages known as Papaccinos. You hear that a year-long film is being created about Papa’s Mocharia when you apply for a job as a barista there, and you’re the primary star. You’ll be preparing espresso, boiling and foaming milk, and creating eye-catching layered cocktails for your discerning clients while under the careful eye of the documentary crew. Serve seasonal coffee and cannoli, unlock new ingredients, and earn Daily Specials with delectable latte and macchiato recipes as you work your way through the holidays. Along with their Papaccino beverages, customers will order a custom-made cannoli. Choose a cannoli shell, line up the nozzles to pour cream into it, then top the cannoli with delectable toppings for the ideal sweet treat to enjoy with coffee. Customers may place orders over the phone, and you’ll hire a Driver to help take and deliver food to their houses after you start taking phone orders.

Papas Mocharia To Go iPhone App Review

Hands on coffee shop management!

There are 40 different Special Recipes, 124 different ingredients, 12 different holidays, 135 different clients with different orders, and 90 different coloured Stickers to unlock new clothes for them. You may also show off your holiday passion by dressing your employees in a wide range of seasonal clothes and attire. Choose one-of-a-kind colour combinations for each piece of clothing, and build your own look with millions of possibilities. Customization is quite important in this restaurant game. While playing, complete a range of chores and objectives to add to your collection of colourful Stickers. Each client has a favourite set of three Stickers: If you get all three, you’ll get a brand-new outfit to gift to the customer. The app is priced $1.99 to download from iTunes App Store.

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