Percolator App for iPhone Review

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Are you thinking to try something new for your pictures and surprise your friends and relatives with outstanding results? If your answer is yes then you should definitely try Percolator app for iPhone. The app is amazingly useful for deploying superb retro effects on your photos. This app is best in class digital photography application for iPhone. You will surly feel delighted to see the outcome using this photo and video app for your favourite photographs. Percolator app can be downloaded for $2.99 from Apple’s iTunes Website.

Features of Percolator App

Percolator is an exclusive app for photographic effects on photos. It’s incredibly fast and capable for all kind of multicolor photo effects. The user interface is simply superb and does not influence its processing speed. Percolator has features such as brew effect, dial based controls and smart image editing tool which put this app in a different league of photographic applications. Now all your photos can have brew effect which is absolutely unique in nature. So just use your iPhone and turn your photos with great multicolor retro effect. Percolator app supports editing of JPEG file up to 3584 pixels (varies with device) so enjoy the fun on your iPhone.

Percolator App for iPhone

You can experiment to find perfect results and may choose multiple effects by pressing control on the app. It is best when you use it on abstract pieces and can create Wow effect for you. Users can also turn their low resolution photo into high resolution photos by color gel technique. Its updated version has some more effect like Ray-Ray and cubic angels. You can also try it with other photo and image app for better results. Percolator is definitely a smart app and can produce some surprises for you. But it also has few areas for improvement like more effects, simple controls and editing options. This app is compatible with iOS version (5.0) or higher.


Percolator app for iPhone is an excellent application and quite different from other vintage and toy camera apps. The app is programmed in modern style to generate fun retro effect in photos. So you can get an innovative and wonderful collection of your memorable moments. Install and enjoy the new look of your photos.

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