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Do your friends take pride on their digital media collection on their Apple tablet? Then the time has come to return the favor! If you have not yet heard about PicTapGo then you need to access iTunes now! The app has been specially designed for Instagram fanatics. Featured by Apple, PicTapGo allows people to share more than 800,000 photos from the app to Instagram. Get to know about the stunning pic that has made you a star on Instagram for a week, through ‘This Week in Photo’. Check the new version of the app and celebrate with a host of new and fantastic features that will keep you sleep deprived!


The newest version of PicTapGo is the version 2.1.1. Designed for owner of both iPhone and iPad, the 11.3 MB app is available in tons of other languages besides English, Italian and French! If you have an iOS 7.0 device, then this app would work in a buttery smooth manner in it! Optimized mainly for selfie addicts and possessors of iPhone 5, 6 and 6 plus, PicTapGo app is something that you will struggle to keep off from! The app is quite simple to operate and the purpose behind its invention is to give young creative minds the right platform to invest their creative juices during free hours. With a number of unique photo effects present, PicTapGo helps in expressing one’s creativity through their favorite medium. As many as 70 photo effects has been configured within it to allow users to layer filters as well as save some helpful custom filter recipes. The stunning photo effects not only allows you create a black-and-white retro look but also turn on your glamorous side, even in the most ordinary pics.

PicTapGo iPhone App

There is no point working hard to make your pictures stand-out if you cannot share them on the top social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. So, get your family and friends asking for more with your edited and customized pics! Seamless editing is possible even if you are a newcomer, because of the built-in camera that allows taking pictures easy and effectively. Since, this universal app is fitted for every of your Apple devices, it allows you to make every pic speak about your personal style. The strength and clarity of the effects brought about in the photos can be adjusted at any given point of time.


What makes PicTapGo app for iPHone unbeatable it is never-before appeal. What customers have liked best about it is the ability to save custom recipes such that they can be used anytime and anywhere. There is also a crop and straighten tool to do make every picture look just the way you want it to.

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