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Health is wealth! But there are millions of people out there who take some sort of drug/medication daily in order to keep themselves healthy or to contain some medical condition or the other. And many of them often struggle to remember to take the drugs in time and regularly. If you’re one among them, Pillboxie app for iPhone would be of great assistance. It is basically a reminder app for personal medications. Pillboxie iPhone app can be downloaded from iTunes App Store for a nominal $0.99.

Pillboxie App Features

You can enter medications for any number of users in Pillboxie app for iPhone. Those who wish to keep their health info private may use the optional privacy passcode. In the ‘medications’ tab let you enter medication name and appearance (color & shape) alongside prescribed reasons/instructions for taking the drug. You can set a reminder schedule as to when to take the medicine so that the app will remind you when it is time. To set reminders, just drag the pill to the normal times you take the drug, and drop it into the pillbox. It is done!

Pillboxie App for iPhone

One apparent downside is that there is no option whatsoever to set the dose of a medicine. Also, Pillboxie iPhone application does not come with any inbuilt database with auto fill feature. To enter the name of a pill, now you got no other choice, but to have the bottle in front of you and type it word-by-word if you can’t remember its name. Further, there is no iCloud sync available for Pillboxie.

Again to the best features of Pillboxie app, it got push notifications; you’ll be sent a push notification when it is time to take your pill. The ‘snooze’ button comes handy to postpone a notification to a later time if you’re currently busy. The main page of the app got a full checklist of all of your medication reminders for a given day. Check off the medications once you take it.


Pillboxie app for iPhone comes handy to millions of people who rely on medicines, herbal remedies, and vitamins to stay healthy. It is virtually a medication alarm app that reminds you of your medication schedules and the name of the drugs to take in each of those schedules. Couple of crucial missing features is a downer for sure. But the app is still capable enough to ensure that you take your pills on time, every time.

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