Plague Inc Scenario Creator iPhone App Review

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The Plague Inc Scenario Creator iPhone App offers players an innovative platform to unleash their creativity and design their own epidemic scenarios. With intuitive tools and a user-friendly interface, aspiring epidemiologists can craft intricate disease outbreaks tailored to their preferences. Whether it’s tweaking infection vectors, adjusting symptom severity, or strategizing global transmission patterns, this application empowers players to engineer their ultimate pandemics.

This app is a tool to create and develop your own custom scenarios for Plague Inc. Players can unleash their unique creativity and show the world wonderful and scary creations. The app has the ability to fine-tune every aspect of the outbreak, from initial transmission vectors to eventual global spread, allows for endless experimentation and strategic planning. This flexibility ensures that each scenario is unique, offering a fresh challenge for players to overcome.

Moreover, the Plague Inc Scenario Creator App for iPhone fosters a vibrant community of creators and players, with an online platform where users can share their custom scenarios and challenge others to confront their creations. This collaborative aspect adds an extra layer of depth to the experience, as players can test their skills against a diverse array of player-generated outbreaks. With regular updates and new features continuously being added, the Plague Inc Scenario Creator remains a dynamic tool for both aspiring epidemiologists and seasoned players alike.

Plague Inc Scenario Creator iPhone App Review


  • Access powerful developer labs such as Core lab, World lab, Events lab, Disease lab and Government lab
  • Cutomise your disease
  • Create your own custom scenarios for Plague
  • Share and publish your best scenarios

To conclude, the Plague Inc Scenario Creator iPhone App stands as a testament to the boundless creativity and ingenuity of its player base. Through its intuitive interface and versatile tools, it empowers users to design and fine-tune their own epidemic scenarios, from subtle outbreaks to full-blown pandemics. With a vibrant online community and regular updates, the application continues to evolve, offering new challenges and opportunities for players to explore. Whether you’re a seasoned strategist or a budding epidemiologist, the Plague Inc Scenario Creator invites you to unleash your imagination and shape the course of global contagion like never before. The app is available in App Store and costs just $2.99 to purchase.

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