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Puzzle games are great for wasting time. If you look around the bus, you’ll see many from the older generation doing a crossword puzzle from the paper, a word search or anything else that can pass the time. The newer generation of course has access to digital versions of all of these things and that is exactly where Gems XXL for app BlackBerry comes into play.

Simple concept

Gems XXL BlackBerry game app runs under a simple concept which is that you simply have to slide the gems together. As you continue to do this, you will be able to remove those gems and collect XXL gems which of course are the gigantic ones that appear on your screen. Once you’ve collected enough of these gems by sliding similar gems together to conglomerate them in one location, you will be able to beat that level and move onto the next level.

Not as easy as it sounds

Although BlackBerry Gems XXL game app concept is a simple one, don’t make the mistake of thinking that this is an easy puzzle you can easily dispatch without too much thought or effort. The catch with this game is that you have a certain amount of moves available to you in which to get the XXL Gems that you need. If you are unable to accomplish that goal within the time allotted, you will not be able to move onto the next level. Of course, you can always begin to master the art of this game and quickly get down to business when all is said and done with a high score that you can proudly post online and gloat about to anyone else that might have had the opportunity to try this game out.

Final Score

Playing your brain out is something that can be fun and rewarding at the same time. Puzzle games and memory games will keep your brain sharp and trained which in turn will allow you to retain a large part of your brainpower towards a later part of life. This can potentially be huge for anyone, but it should definitely be something that makes you as a person sit up and take a large amount of notice. Gems XXL Blackberry app is fun and useful and that is why it receives a final score of 7 out of 10 from the review team on Best Apps review website.

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