Popplet App for iPhone Review

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Popplet app for iPhone is basically a platform of your ideas. It basically let you organize your thoughts/ideas in ‘popplets’ for better clarity of reference. That is, using Popplet app for iPhone, you can capture your ideas, sort them visually, and collaborate with others in real-time, quite quickly and efficiently. Popplet iPhone app can be downloaded from iTunes App Store for $4.99/license.

Popplet App Features

Popplet app for iPhone centers on consolidating ideas in the form of a visual representation for easy comprehension. Each popplet you create might comprise of one or more sets of linked ‘popples’, which are rectangles featuring photos, drawings or text. The said elements can be combined in a single popple. Further, you can pick from seven border colors for each of your popples. Creating popples is quite simple yet intuitive: drag a small circular bubble away from the existing popple and up pops a new one. Links connecting popples are created automatically, tapping on such a line (link) brings up a circular ‘x’ that let you delete the said link. You can have any number of popples for a popplet. Further, simply tap and type in order to name/rename a popplet.

Popplet App for iPhone

The icons for the tools are easy to understand. Most users will be able to create popplets without referring to the help section. The popplet board has no size limits; you can have as much popplets as you wish. Further, you can sync the app with www.popplet.com or email popplets in PDF or JPEG format. On the downside, the text tool permits only limited formatting options. You can have only one font type; the default color is black, and only three font sizes – small, medium and large – to choose from. Further, Popplet iPhone application lacks some features typical of mind-mapping applications such as the ability to create hierarchies, popup notes or links to other documents/web pages.

Popplet application is compatible with iOS versions 4.1 and upwards. The app is optimized for iPhone5 as well.


Popplet app for iPhone help you streamline your ides/thoughts into an easy to read visual representation, including mind maps. Creating popplets/popples to represent your ideas is quite a simple process. The app let you have unlimited number of popples. However, lack of formatting options or the ability to create hierarchies or popup notes is a notable downside. Sharing options come handy. Overall, a decent idea organizer tool to group together your thoughts on one platform.

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