Power Remote Pro app for iPhone Review

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Power Remote Pro for iPhone is a powerful PowerPoint/Google Slides/PDF/Word clicker for Windows, supporting Dual-Channel Tech, Internet Connection, Previews and Notes, Auto Host Detection, 1sec connect and Mouse Control. Perhaps it is the only Powerpoint controller app supporting Dual-Channel Tech. You can download the app for $3.99 from iTunes App Store.

What is it about?

Power Remote Pro: Clicker for PPT Control iPhone app comes with dual-channel connection that will ensure that you’ll never lose connection during a presentation. By using the Dual-Channel technology, every operation and every byte of data is transmitted via both Internet and LAN simultaneously, which makes this app incredibly and incomparably stable. The asynchronized loading technique makes the Powerpoint notes and previews display in real-time, following your presentation without any delay. It is probably the fastest preload technology ever. The two channels can also work alone. As long as one channel works, this app works, so that there is no room for anxiety during a presentation. The best part is that the app is much more precise than a physical remote. The Asynchronized-Coding-Validation-Tech validate each of your operations, which makes it more precise and reliable than a physical remote. It’s one second connect and automatic host detection is a revelation. But the best way of connection is to let your iPhone find your computer automatically. Don’t worry as it is pretty fast and precise.

The UI design is optimized for user friendliness. It is compatible with Windows. Tech support is quick and impressive as well. Thankfully, once you purchase the app, it comes with all the features. There are no more in-app purchases. Performance wise, the app is slick and responsive. It requires iOS 8.0+.

Final Thoughts

Power Remote Pro app for iPhone has been designed after due consultation with different speech makers and TED speakers. So every button and line of this app is placed where they should be, or where the user will find it handier. Its Dual-Channel technology makes it incredibly stable and reliable. You can also use it in a single channel mode. Its asynchronized loading is one of the fastest. The app is also more precise than a physical remote. UI layout is largely user friendly. It is also stable. Check it out if you’re in the lookout for a reliable remote-controlling app for PowerPoint.

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