PowerGuard App for iPhone Review

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PowerGuard is a power saving battery life application as well as a privacy tool. It also let you see the phone’s storage, disk space, and CPU stats at a glance. You can get PowerGuard iPhone app for $0.99 from iTunes.

PowerGuard App Features

PowerGuard app for iPhone combines battery save, iPhone info display, private photos protection, contacts backup with a brand new “Optimize” feature. It helps to extend your battery life, free memory, protect photos, protect album and allows you to choose contacts backup to either iCloud or DropBox. More specifically, PowerGuard is organized into four services: battery advisor, a private album, contacts backup, and general tips to help your iPhone run at peak efficiency. Battery Advisor displays real-time battery life in a way that shows you how long your device will last with each operation. It also provides professional battery save guidance to make battery power last longer, manage charging process and helps you to form the good habit of extending battery life. The private album protects your photos using encryption technology. Without the password, none will be able to access the albums or photos. The contacts backup option is implemented in a simple fashion.

PowerGuard App for iPhone

Using a drag and drop interface, you can easily backup your iPhone Contacts to iCloud or Dropbox faster and safer. Contacts information can be recovered from any point in backup history. The iPhone tips section provides insight into some useful yet hard to find tips relating to iPhone’s various features. You can view the tips under several categories: battery life tips, system operation tips, keyboard input tips, etc. You can also share the tips to your friends. The UI is average. In some places, it could have been designed better. But the navigation menu is thoughtfully laid out in a logical manner. PowerGuard app is compatible with iOS versions 5.0 or later.


PowerGuard for iPhone is a battery saver, privacy tool, and backup manager all rolled into one. It extends your phone’s battery life, ensures a larger free memory, and protects photos and protects album using encryption technology. The backup feature let you quickly upload data to Dropbox or iCloud. Further, it also shows a list of iPhone info, including hardware and warranty information as well. Verdict: If you’re looking for a tool to extend battery life, free up extra memory and a means to protect photos and iPhone privacy, check this one out.

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