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Print Easy app for iPhone lets you print documents/images directly from your iPhone by connecting to a printer device wirelessly. Using the app, you can also transfer files from your iPhone to your PC (Mac or Windows 7/Vista OS) wirelessly. Print Easy application for iPhone is priced at $4.99 per license, and can be downloaded from iTunes Apple Store.

The Application

Downloading and installing iPhone Print Easy application is a pretty straightforward process. Given its file size, the app does not eat up much of your phone’s disk space either. The user interface of the app is uncluttered, devoid of any graphical images, and is properly laid out for easy navigation.

Print Easy app for iPhone

In order to use Print Easy, simply tap on Print Easy icon from your iPhone menu. Using the app, you can print documents such as text or PDF files, web pages from the internet, photos for your photo albums and libraries, data from clipboard, and even contacts and attachments from email. The application automatically scans and set up printers so that you don’t have to do anything manually.

The steps for printing a particular file are simple. Open the relevant folder, select the file you wish to print (you’ll see a print preview of the selected image/photo/file), and click print. If you wish to change any settings, tap on settings icon. Like in desktop printer applications, you can change the printer/opt from a list of printers connected to the Easy Printer app. Further, under print set up, you can set the paper size, page margin, orientation, number of copies required etc.
Using Print Easy app, you can also transfer files between your iPhone and PC wirelessly, provided both the devices remain in the same WiFi network. You can also transfer files using USB cable. Either way, once the connection is established between your iPhone and PC, simply drag/drop the files from MacFinder or Windows Explorer as the case may be.


Print Easy makes printing from your iPhone a lot easier job. It automatically discovers and set up printers that the user is left with the job of only giving the print command for the files that he wish to print. The file transfer feature comes as a welcome bonus. The price tag may be a bit high, when compared with other iPhone printer apps in the market. Verdict: A handy wireless print app to have in your iPhone.

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