PSPlay Unlimited PS Remote Play Android App Review

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PSPlay: Unlimited PS Remote Play for Android helps you remotely control PS4 and PS5 games. You can remote control your gaming system without any limitations. For those have and affinity to playing games using play station can make use of the app and play your favorite games wherever and whenever you want. The router you use at home must support the remote connection as the device has to connect over mobile date. The app provides great streaming experience with very low latency. The app supports third party and mobile data network. You can take a look at the demonstration video to learn more.

Play Your Favorite Game Anywhere And Anytime

PSPlay for Android is a simple and intuitive app that offers immense possibility for remote controlling your play station. It is easy to connect and setup. The app supports all android devices. You can use the app as remote dualshock controller for play station 4 and 5. You can play games like Crash Bandicoot, Fortnite, GTA V, FIFA, The Last Of US and many others. You can also use the app as a gamepad. You will require dual core CPU with 2GB and more RAM. The display resolution must be 1024×768. A LAN or wired network connection is recommended. Wi-Fi with 5ghz is recommended for a gaming experience with minimal delays. The net connection should support 15 mbps for a high speed net connection.

PSPlay Unlimited PS Remote Play Android App Review


PSPlay PS Remote Play for Android provides an unlimited gaming experience using your device. The app supports native USB support and vibration emulation. You can use third party gamepads, dualsense and dual shock. You can register for multiple play station accounts. The onscreen layout allows customization and you can play on rooted devices. The app supports mapping with gamepad buttons. If you want to play using internet when not at home, you must configure your router to port forward. You will have to be connected to the local network to play remotely. The app costs $5.99 for download and use. There are no in-app purchases available in the app.

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