Purify: Block Ads and Tracking iPhone App Review

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Purify for iPhone is an efficient ad-blocker app that help you get rid of those annoying pop ups, browse faster and most importantly, save about 50% of data while browsing. After installation, just turn it on in settings and you’re good to go. Purify: Block Ads and Tracking app can be downloaded from iTunes for $0.99.

What is it?

Purify for iPhone is a content blocker for Safari that blocks ads, tracking, and more. Purify app’s professionally hand-crafted filter optimizes your browsing experience. Using the app, you can block social buttons and comments, custom fonts, scripts and even images that you don’t wish to get displayed. Further, it gives you lots of control over what you get to block. You have the option to white-list those some sites that you don’t want to be blocked. Whitelisting is an easy enough task with Purify. It takes just a tap in Safari to white-list a site. Purify app for iPhone also syncs your preferences and whitelists via iCloud across all your devices.

Purify Block Ads and Tracking iPhone App Review

Purify for iPhone has a well-designed user interface. The overall design and color theme looks nice. The blocking preferences are laid out in an easy to read format. The white background helps to read the text clearly. You can block buttons, scripts and images by moving a slider. It should be noted that custom fonts also include web icons. At the bottom of the page, you can view the white listed sites. In terms of performance, Purify for iPhone is quite stable and responsive. It had never crashed while we tested it out. Ad-blocking was pretty effective as well. Data saving comes as a bonus. By blocking ads, it also automatically keeps out unscrupulous malware hidden in such ads. Purify app requires iOS versions 9.3 or later.

Why we love it?

Purify for iPhone is quite a robust content blocker app for Safari browser. It helps you keep out pesky ads and therein save your data and help you browse faster. Even for a first time user, it is pretty easy to set up the app. Those sites you don’t wish to block may be added to the white list with a single tap. Syncing of preferences and whitelists via iCloud comes handy. The app UI is largely user friendly as well. Overall, a reliable content blocker application that is worth checking out.

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