Racing Tyres Space iPhone App Review

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The holy grail of time attack type of games, wherein you race against the clock, is to hit the perfect balance between frustration and rewards. If one manages to do that, they’ll want to play the game ‘one last time’ before putting the phone down. Racing Tyres Space app for iPhone is a physics-based speed puzzler, but you can’t blame someone if he/she feels it gets a bit frustrating at times. You can get Racing Tyres Space game app for $0.99 from iTunes App Store.


You can’t be faulted if you see a bit of Sonic The Hedgehog in Racing Tyres Space app for iPhone, but a bit more simplified. In the game, you got to control your spinning tyro back and forth with two pedals through stage after unlockable stage of intertwining curves, tunnels and ramps. No wonder, you got be patient and lots of forgiving mindset to play the game. One of the factors that might frustrate players is the digital nature of the touch interface. You’re either accelerating or braking in full power with no middle ground. This makes maneuvering your tyre a bit of a challenge.

Racing Tyres Space iPhone App

Racing Tyres Space iPhone game app is challenging nevertheless. If you make a small misstep or one moment too long on the throttle, it is the end. The game has some of the most devious track layouts you are likely to see, and it takes lots of concentration and careful touch to get through each one of them within the stipulated time frame. There is no first, second or third place. If you miss the cut off time, you restart the game until you get it all right. Fortunately, there is no noticeable load time while restarting a stage. Remember, you’ll end up hitting the restart button a lot number of times. The design is clean and devoid of flashy graphics. But then the game is about speed and quite difficult challenge, and not the looks. It got a cold and clinical feel to it rather than an out and out entertainer.


Racing Tyres Space app for iPhone is not your typical time-killer type of puzzler. Instead, it is for gamers with a competitive spirit and determination, and it takes lots of patience and delicate touch to master the levels. You’ll end up restarting the levels more than once and it can be a bit frustrating to the ordinary player. It got lots of levels to play through. So if you are such a person who loves pretty challenging puzzlers and got loads of patience, this one is worth a buy for $0.99. Others, well, it is not your kettle of fish.

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