Relive the magic of 2010 with Air Soccer app for iPhone

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With all of the soccer fever that appears to be rushing through the population these days, there’s no surprise at all that someone was able to tap into this well of emotion and come out with an app that addresses it perfectly. Air Soccer app for iPhone will cost you less than a dollar to actually play with, but the results that you can get from playing with this app are quite spectacular indeed.

Air hockey with a 2010 World Cup twist

The only thing that you really need to know about Air Soccer iPhone app is that the mechanic is really like air hockey. You simply play the game like air hockey and all of the rules are like air hockey.

However, the game itself is designed with soccer in mind. The pitch is a soccer pitch instead of a hockey rink and the ball is a disc with soccer ball hexagons of black and white painted on it rather than the hockey puck that most people are used to seeing. The teams that you can choose to play are the teams from the 32 different countries that were invited to the 2010 World Cup of Soccer, allowing you to pick the one that you cheered for and try to reverse the course of history if you were a fan of the 31 teams that did not win the tournament.

Soccer countries play like soccer countries

Another impressive addition to Air Soccer iPhone game app is that the soccer countries in it will actually play how those countries would play if there were a soccer match on. This means that countries like North Korea and Honduras which are located lower in the overall standings will not win the vast majority of the games that they play in, but at the same time those countries will also give you a good defensive show in stark contrast to the constant offence that you can expect from the Argentineans and Brazilians.

Final Score

Although Air Soccer app for iPhone gives you a chance to play air soccer in a way that could be very pleasing between the sights and the sounds programmed into the app, the simplistic air hockey interface with the press and drag control on your shooter makes it a very easy game to learn. Air Soccer iPhone app is a fantastic combination and one that is definitely worth 9 out of 10 in our books.

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