Retro Defense App for Google Android

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Retro Defense AppĀ for Google Android


Tower defense games were all the rage not too long ago. According to some of the gaming sites, they are starting to make a comeback. Google certainly seems to think so as they have commissioned the creation of one for their Android device. Retro Defense is the name of the game and it was created by Larva Labs Limited. It is decidedly a game with an old school arcade feel to it, although the difficulty level has been upped significantly for the most sophisticated modern day gamer.

User Interaction

The interface of Retro Defense app for Google Android is almost exactly what you would picture if you were to picture an arcade game from two or three decades ago being converted into a system of controls for a modern mobile device. You simply point and click to select and place towers while at the same time pointing and clicking to do things like starting the round and placing real time towers during each successive stage. It is not a particularly difficult game to learn either, which means that even a total newcomer to the Google Android could be up and running with this game within a few minutes of giving it a try.

User Interface

If you ever played Super Mario All Stars on the Super Nintendo after having played the Mario Brothers games on the original Nintendo, you might have some experience that will allow you to imagine what the interface for this game is like. Larva Labs was interested in creating an arcade game with a definite arcade look and feel to it. At the same time however, they wanted to take advantage of a few of the advances in graphics technology that have taken place within the last few decades. The result is a game where the towers are still arcade-like in their appearance, but with a level of textural detail that makes the whole thing look quite breathtaking. It really is the best of both worlds. Larva Labs has succeeded in creating one of the most uniquely interesting interfaces around and that is something that should definitely help them push their sales figures up a little bit.


Utility and Productivity

Utilizing this game is very easy to do. If you have played tower games before, you know how quickly you can get through one. It is definitely going to take you less than the length of either a commute or a lunch hour, allowing you to use this game in order to fill in time where you are just waiting around for some other part of your day to begin. Any game distributed for a mobile device that has the ability to do that is useful and that in the end is why Retro Defense for Google Android is a game that many people have already started to greatly enjoy.


Taking into account all aspects of this game reveals a well thought-out design that is the perfect melding between old world arcade and new world mobile technology. For that reason, Retro Defense app for Google Android receives a score of 9.5 out of 10.

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