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If you’re a stickler of board games, perhaps you would want to give Reversi app for iPhone a try. Also called ‘Othello’, it is said that it will take only a minute to learn this strategic board game’s rules, but a lifetime to master. Reversi iPhone app can be downloaded for $0.99 from iTunes App store.

How Reversi Game is played?

Each game of Reversi app for iPhone takes only about a couple of minutes. And the best part of this board game is that it suits people of all ages. It is not for the brainy or the puzzle loving geeks alone. The basic rule of the game is to place your colored disc on the board, and turn over at least one of the other colored disk on the board to make your move. The winner will be the one with most of their one color displaying on the board.

In Reversi app for iPhone, you got three levels of game play against the AI: easy, medium and hard. The first one is for beginners while the going gets really tough by the time you graduate to ‘hard’, wherein you’ll have to face a formidable algorithm guessing and predicting your moves. You have the option to pick the starting formation among the standard ‘straight’ formation or a ‘cross’. Further, you can also opt to change the standard black and white colors to red and green. Other features include auto-save, option to undo/redo your moves, and background music that adds to the overall feel of the game.

Reversi App for iPhone

The graphics is excellent, and it looks great on the Retina display. The ease of use also stands out. However, some errors in the game were reported by some websites. You may report the same to the developers of the game should you experience or come across any. Reversi iPhone application is compatible with iOS versions 4.1 and upwards.

Final Thoughts

Reversi app for iPhone is a challenging board game of strategy that you’ll love to the core. The game rules are pretty straight forward. But winning those is another ball game altogether. The game play is fun throughout and graphics part is commendably appealing. And above all, it comes free of cost. Overall, Reversi is a must have game app if you love board games.

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