Root Browser File Manager Android App Review

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Rooting or jail-breaking has become very familiar among Android users. To put yourself into customizing even the internal details of your Android phone involves some real risk and if proven successful, is sure to yield amazing results. Root Browser for Android is such a file manager for those who prefer rooting or would like to delve into the deepest files in their devices. The application is extremely powerful and can be used to manage even the protected system files of your phone. The amazing 4.6 stars out of 5 in the Play Store only accounts for its high quality and popularity among the users. Root Browser is a paid app, costing $0.99 to download and install.


Root Browser File Manager Android app is blessed with an intuitive interface and has very fast responding icons throughout. Right from the home screen itself, you can list all the folders present in your system, whether it is user-created or system generated. Each of folders also lets you manage any type of files inside them including the protected system files of the form .apk, .prop, .rc, zip , jar and so on. If your phone is rooted before, you can even execute the scripts within the application. Selecting each file or folder will bring up the usual options of select, unselect, copy, delete, compress etc and also the permission settings based on which the owner, group or others get the required permissions for each file. By these settings, you can actually control the way in which each application or file is operated in your phone. If you are familiar and confident enough, you can dig deeper into the system files or the pre-generated files of any application and edit its preferences and settings, all of them happening within the Root Browser itself.

Root Browser File Manager Android App Review

Around 15 self explanatory icons are listed on the tab on the bottom portion of the screen namely Home, Up, Multi-Sel, Jump, New, View, Back, Next, Sort, Search, Filter, Bookmarks, Refresh, Preferences and Exit. For any sudden action or process, you can use them right away. They function just like any other file manager and work collectively to have a smooth and fast experience while using Root Browser for Android.


Root Browser app is for the brave Android users who really want to check and control what’s happening deep within their device. A light weight application which is sure to impress any user, this file manager can satisfy everyone who is looking forward to manage each and every file and folder present anywhere in their smart phones.

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