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Android provides auto-rotate option, giving you the freedom to switch between landscape and portrait view while using apps. But you can’t control the individual orientation of each app. Rotation Manager – Control ++ for Android is a third party application that let you lock the orientation of individual apps. In other words, it let you choose the apps that you want to rotate and the ones you don’t wish to. You can get Rotation Manager – Control Android app for $0.99 from Google Play Store.


Some apps are easy to use while in portrait mode and vice versa. Rotation Manager – Control ++ app for Android let you specify which apps should change orientation when you rotate the phone. It can also be used to manage and force the orientation of your system apps as well as your phone launcher. Those who’re using the app for the first time may go through the help tutorial to understand the app’s working. It is pretty easy to fix your preferred orientation for a given app.

Rotation Manager Control Android App

The main button on top of the screen is the global orientation for all the apps. It is a 5-state button and gives you all the orientation possibilities. Then you can select from the list for every app your desired orientation. Your selection will override the default global orientation. For example, if you want only two apps to rotate and all the others to stay at their default, just disable global orientation and then select both Portrait and Landscape for the specific app in the list. After you have selected your desired apps, just click on play and your settings will be in effect. Also, you can vary the brightness, set a screen timeout, and control the media volume level. Further, the permanent notification that appears when you enable Rotation Manager with “Chuck Norris mode” lets you change app specific orientation while you are in an app, without going back to Rotation Manager. Functionality wise, the app performs commendably. It is stable and responsive and easy to use.


Rotation Manager – Control ++ for Android let you set individual orientation preferences for your apps. It is pretty easy to use. Those who don’t wish to pay upfront may try out is free version. Check it out if you’re looking for a hassle-free way to automatically lock and manage the orientation of your apps.

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