RV Dump Stations iPhone App Review

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If you own a motorhome or a campervan, perhaps you’ll be interested in knowing the locations of RV Dump Stations in the US and Canada. You can also find information about rest areas, truck stops, KOAs and more. RV Dump Stations iPhone app may be downloaded for $0.99 from iTunes App Store.

What is it about?

RV Dump Stations app for iPhone gives you details about over 5,700 RV dump stations throughout the US and Canada. Dump stations are places where the holding tanks of motorhomes and campervans can be dumped. The app let you import routes from GPX files. This makes it much easier to find RV dump stations along your route, rather than looking out for a marker on the way. You can also search dump stations near you. The results are listed in a neat and easy to read format. You can filter the type of location you wish to see. Click on any listed dump station to find more information about it. You can view a street view to the selected dump station on a Google Map (not Apple Maps), as well as the route to the dump station on a map. From the map, you can also find the address of the dump station, distance from your current location, and if the service offered is free or for a fee. It also displays the local weather of the region.

While the app provides users with information of dump stations, they admit that they might have missed some. Users can easily submit a new RV dump station if they find a new one on the way. To do that, simply tap on the ‘+’ button below the map and key in the details.
The UI design is user friendly. It is also slick and responsive. RV Dump Stations requires iOS 9.3+.


RV Dump Stations app for iPhone is your quick guide to dump stations in US and Canada. You can search for the dump stations near your location, or filter the type of location you want. The street view to/from the dump station on the Google Map is a nice touch. If you happen to find a new dump station that is not listed in the app, you can add them to their database in few simple steps. The app’s UI layout is user friendly. We found the app to be stable as well. Overall, a reliable RV dump station data base that would come handy in your long road trips.

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