Sand Slides App for iPhone Review

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The advantage of playing puzzles games are twofold: it let you enter a Zen-like state of concentration, alongside slowly putting your mind in the road to relaxation, almost simultaneously. If you’re able to take your mind off your busy schedules for few minutes while playing the game, it means that you’ve got your hands on a really good puzzler. Sand Slides app for iPhone is one such game that is addictive and fun throughout. Sand Slides iPhone app may be downloaded for $0.99 from iTunes App Store.

Sand Slides App Features

In Sand Slides app for iPhone, your aim should be to guide the different color sand from pots on the top of the screen into corresponding colored funnels at the bottom of the screen. What you basically do is to draw slides on the screen with your fingers so as to guide the falling sand into the right pots below. Seem easy? Actually it is not. You can use only three lines, and sand just keeps falling from all pots. If the sand grains goes into a wrong colored bin below, your points will be deducted. So you got to strategize your moves so as to ensure that the same colored grains goes to corresponding bins below. If you mix it up, you lose.

Sand Slides App for iPhone

So how will you stop or hold a different colored sand grains falling from another pot while you’re already guiding sand from another pot into its corresponding bin below? It is simple; just draw a bucket shape under the second pot to hold the sand grains by the time the already falling pot is finished. However, as mentioned above, you can have only three lines on the screen at a time. If you draw a fourth one, the first one drew on the screen disappears. So be careful while drawing slides.

The game play of Sand Slides iPhone app is simple theoretically. But it might take a while to get a hang of it. The visual effects are pleasing whereas the sound effects quite encouraging. The frame rates are found to be silky smooth. Sand Slides iPhone application is compatible with iOS versions 5.0 or higher.


Sand Slides app for iPhone is an addictive puzzler you don’t want to miss. The biggest positive of the game is that it hogs your concentration throughout the game duration. Lack of modes may be pointed out as a bit of a downside. Addition of multiplayer mode would have made the game much more attractive. Verdict: A decent puzzler to keep you glued to the screen.

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