Shattered Pixel Dungeon iPhone Game App Review

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Shattered Pixel Dungeon for iPhone is an iOS pixel art-based Roguelike Dungeon Crawler RPG. With four different playable characters, randomised stages and monsters, and hundreds of things to gather and utilise, each game offers a unique challenge. You may begin the game by selecting a hero, who can then be enhanced and personalised as you progress through the dungeon. Warrior, Mage, Rogue, and Huntress are the four hero classes, each with their own playstyle. There are also eight subclasses in which successful heroes can improve their talents and grow more powerful. The game has over 50 distinct foes, 30 different traps, and five bosses to put your abilities to the test. The Hero’s major source of power is still his equipment. To enhance the general balance of the game, major adjustments have been made to all equipment categories.

Best Strategical Gameplay!

In the premium edition, there are no commercials, microtransactions, or paywalls. Weapons are now more powerful in general, and a slew of new bonuses have been introduced (extra reach, stronger surprise attacks and more unique effects). Armour pieces have been added, unlike other equipment categories. Armor has been given a significant increase, making it stronger and more consistent. The importance of class armour has increased dramatically. The player can choose from a variety of armour abilities that do not cost health, have a short cooldown between uses, and can be considerably upgraded by talents. All wands now have a distinct sprite, allowing the player to recognise the type of wand at a glance; by zapping a wand, the Mage may determine the number of max charges and upgrade level.

Shattered Pixel Dungeon iPhone Game App Review

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Even the rings that made it into SPD have been tweaked, with either effect changes or a general tone-down for some of the more potent rings. Rings now have their own slot, which they share with Artifacts. The Hero can equip up to two Rings while using the Artifact’s equipment slot. 1 artefact or 2 artefacts in 1 ring Thrown weapons have been reworked, with the addition of a few new missile weapons as well as a new durability mechanic. Upgrades are now available for all thrown weapons. It also includes a user-friendly touch-based interface that works on any screen size. Once every two months, there are free upgrades with repairs, enhancements, and additions. The app is priced $4.99 to download from iTunes App Store.

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