Sidewords Puzzle Game for iPhone Review

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Sidewords for iPhone is puzzle and word game all rolled into one. The game play is designed to be enjoyable rather than competitive. There are no penalties, no time limits and hence no pressure on the player. Simply grab a cup of coffee and sit back and enjoy the puzzles. You can get Sidewords for $0.99.

The Game

In Sidewords for iPhone, you got to solve puzzles by spelling out words and filling the grid. But here are the rules — words cannot overlap, and need to be at least three letters long. The first few puzzles are easy enough to solve. But the difficulty levels bump up as the grids become larger as you progress. The best part is that you can go to any level as you please. You don’t have to move progressively. As of today, Sidewords for iPhone comes with hundreds of puzzles that could keep you engaged for minutes on end. It also got a bonus game mode. The Quad Mode is more of an infinite game mode wherein you slide tiles to move them around while also bringing in more tiles from the sides. You got to spell words out with adjacent tiles and ensure that they’re spelt out next to the Quad pieces. Keep in mind, it is the only way to earn points is to get rid of Quads.

Sidewords game has a minimalistic design. But it is customizable to player’s wishes. When you fire up the app the first time, you’ll be greeted with a game menu that’s laid out in a square grid. The background is set to letter tiles that move, and you can change that to nothing or have the animation stop. Users can also change the color theme as they wish. Performance wise, Sidewords game is pretty slick and responsive. It requires iOS versions 7.0+.


Sidewords game for iPhone is a fun puzzler that is a combination of puzzle and word game. It features hundreds of puzzles, from small and quick, to large and captivating ones that will leave you scratching your brains. But as there is no clock to race against, the puzzle solving can be at your own pace and convenience. The UI design is rather minimalistic. There are few customization options, including color theme. We found the game to be stable as well. Overall, a nice word based puzzle game perfect to kill time or simply unwind after a hard day’s work.

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