Smart Tools App for Android Review

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Smart Tools app for Android is one of the top rated applications available on the Google Play Store. Developed by Smart Tools Co., the app has been recommended by Google as one of the essential applications of Google Play for education. Smart Tools app has already fetched 4.5 out of 5 ratings in a short span of time and meeting the expectations of engineers and science students. Smart Tools for Android is a paid application which costs $2.50 but provides an all in one package comprising of fifteen tools to tackle ant measurement at an ease.


Smart Tools for Android provides an exemplary interface and brings a set of five applications on the board to experience an innovative technology in the measurement system. Smart Ruler Pro is one among five sets which let a user to measure length, angle, slope, level and thread of an object. All you need to do is to place an object on the screen and it will deliver the results you have selected. Smart Measure Pro let a user calculate distance, height, width and area of an object. Smart Tools app can let you measure the height of a building which is really remarkable and useful for engineers.

Smart Tools App for Android

Smart Compass Pro permits a user to experience compass, metal detector and GPS on the gadget screen while Sound Meter Pro provides sound intensity in decibels and vibration frequency which are very helpful in designing of structures or any civil foundations. The app is not compatible with devices which are not having magnetic sensors such as Micromax, HTC Desire V etc. The key feature of the app is to provide graphical representation of vibration frequency and sound intensity which let a user to analyze the data effectively and come up with a result quickly. The last but not the least Smart Light Pro is an app to help you in dark lights as it would turn your gadget screen into Led flashlight and brings other scintillating features like magnifier to zoom in and out. There were few technical glitches in the compass, flashlight and ruler which are now completely fixed.


Smart Tools app requires Android version 2.2 or higher and 6 MB of free space memory for installation in a Smartphone. The app did well in a short span of time and garners more than five million installations which are impressive. If you are an engineer or a science grad or someone whose daily work require measurements then this is the best buy app for you.

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