Snail Bob App for iPhone Review

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Snail Bob app for iPhone is a fun puzzle game wherein you guide Bob through 60 levels of mind-bending, puzzling goodness. Each level features deadly hazards that Bob has to survive to reach the next level. Snail Bob iPhone app can be downloaded from iTunes App Store for a reasonable enough $0.99.

Snail Bob: The Game

Here is how Bob moves: it can only move in straight-forward and it does so automatically. The only defense mechanism it got is its shell. You can use the speed button to speed up its motion. Tapping on Bob allows him to hide in its shell. Tapping again gets him into motion. If you need to assess the current situation, tap on Bob to get him into the shell, and use that time to think about your next move.

You interact with iPhone Snail Bob game app mainly by flipping switches, turning cranks, or sliding obstacles around. Also you got deal with interesting puzzle designs in each level. For example, a switch might activate a door or disconnect power to a high voltage wire, letting Bob cross over safely. As you progress through the levels, it starts to get more complex; the switch might now deactivate a trap door as well, causing Bob to fall to its death. The bottom line is that you got to analyze many things simultaneously and act quickly to save Bob.

Snail Bob App for iPhone

Each level got 3 hidden stars that you can collect by simply tapping them. Some stars are left in the open, while others might require a sharper eye to locate it. However, it should be kept in mind that in the quest for unveiling hidden stars, one should not block the path of Bob or put him in harm’s way. You got to follow a complex set of steps in the right order, not to mention the timing and quick reflexes required from your part, to pocket the stars without compromising Snail Bob. The graphics of Snail Bob iPhone application is colorful and pleasing to the eye. It is commendable that the developers had given attention to even the minute details. The background music though is not up to the mark.


Snail Bob app for iPhone is an entertaining puzzler that is moderately challenging. Most people will be able to clear the levels. The game play is interesting, while the graphics department stands out. As more levels will be added to the game soon, as promised by the developers, let’s hope that Snail Bob becomes more interesting and puzzling than it is now. Verdict: Good one to keep you engaged.

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