SoundNote – App for Easy Notes Review

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SoundNote is an iPad app which helps you take notes in meetings, lectures, and interviews. It is a challenging task to create a minutes of meeting with all the points discussed in a meeting. There are chances where you actually miss points that will be of utmost importance. The app will leave you no chance to forget these important points. It is a real life saver where it not just allows you to take points in the app but also records audio. It is most effective as you can listen to the audio while you prepare the final notes for the meeting.

Most Effective Note Taking Tool

SoundNote app is a simple and effective note taking tool that helps you taking notes where ever you are. The app tracks everything you type or draw and also records the audio. It never lets you miss any important detail in the meeting. You can playback and tap on a word you typed, the app will jump to the right place in the audio. The drawing tool is quite powerful. You can sketch and edit them easily. You will have to tap a drawing to select it and tap twice to select a stroke. You will have to drag the selected parts wherever on the drawing area or tap delete to remove it. It is perfect for students as they will not miss lectures even if they fall asleep. Journalists can use it during an important meeting so they font miss a word.

SoundNote - App for Easy Notes Review


SoundNote, an exclusive note taking app, that is solely designed for iPad. The recording is crystal clear and can be used in large classrooms or auditorium. It allows you to integrate and save files in Dropbox. The developers upgrade the app regularly with new enhancements. The app supports different European and Asian languages apart from English. The app costs $4.99 to download from App Store. The app requires iOS 9.3 and above. It is compatible with iPad.

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