Space RPG 3 Android Game App Review

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If you love games with multiple storylines, and involves the extra-terrestrial worlds beyond earth, then you should check out this one: Space RPG 3 game for Android. The game is the latest one in the series with the same name. You can download Space RPG 3 for $1.49 from Google Play Store.

What is it about?

In Space RPG 3 for Android, you are placed in a vast solar system wherein can land on different planets, and buy and sell things. You can also do hyperspace jump from different systems. There are different missions you can undertake. In fact, you are basically creating your own version of the game’s storyline based on the various ways you play. As you play, you can fiddle around with various ship types, weapons and upgrades, and even switch roles. The controls are intuitive at best. You can use the red circle at the side of your phone to navigate the ship, which will always be in the center of the screen. The circles on the right side of your screen are your weapons. For first time players, it will take few minutes to get a hang of the controls. But once you’re in, the game is worth playing.

The graphics of Space RPG 3 for Android is decent. The different systems that you can explore are in themselves stunning to look at, while the various ship that you encounter are all unique. The navigation might feel like a bit slow initially. But once you get a hang of things, the movement will become smooth and spot on. Performance wise, Space RPG 3 game was found to be slick and responsive. The game requires Android OS versions 2.3 and upwards.

Final Take

Space RPG 3 for Android is a unique and intriguing role playing action adventure for anyone who likes a challenge with lots of creativity to go with it. Since the way you play the various missions decides the storyline, the game has lots of replay value. The graphics is good, so are the sound effects. The controls are easy enough to use, once you get a hang of it. The game is also lot stable. Overall, a well-made space adventure game perfect for people of all ages.

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