SpecCheck Pro App for Android Review

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This is every potential phone buyer’s dilemma: finding the best handset with the right specs from the lot. No matter how much you’ve updated yourself about the latest devices, you’re probably not going to remember the entire list of specs of a particular handset. That is where SpecCheck Pro app for Android could extend a helping hand. It is a handy application that let you compare two devices side-by-side on your mobile phone. You can get SpecCheck Pro Android app for $0.99 from Google Play Store.

SpecCheck Pro App Features

SpecCheck Pro app for Android comes handy in situations wherein you’ve narrowed down your choices to two or three handsets, and the job now is to pick the one with the best specs. You simply choose two handsets and the app will display their spec sheets side-by-side for some quick comparison. When you first fire up SpecCheck Pro, it’ll download a content database, which is likely to populate the device list and associated stats. But it has been noticed that the app does not have details about all the phones in the market, even though it got almost all latest devices – across Android, iOS, Windows, and BB Operating Systems – covered. The app also provides quick links to sell your old phones on Swappa, JaneOscarTrades and Gazelle.

SpecCheck Pro App for Android

There are two scrollable lists side-by-side. To compare devices, pick the first device from the first list which will then be highlighted. Now, you swipe left to move to the second list, and you pick one from it as well. Once you’ve selected one device from each list, tap the ‘check’ mark at the top of the screen. A spec comparison chart will appear along with the picture of the selected devices. You can opt to hide/reveal the image using the preview button at the top. Interestingly, none of the device comparison stats show device dimensions and thickness, which is an important stat for some of the phone buyers. Keep in mind that SpecCheck Pro Android app uses as much as 48 MB RAM while running. The app is compatible with Android OS versions 2.3 and up.


SpecCheck Pro app for Android let you quickly compare the spec sheet of two different handsets simultaneously. On the downside, its device list doesn’t seems to be comprehensive enough, even though it has got almost all of the latest handsets covered, which is what most of us would want anyway. Further, some vital info such as the device thickness/dimensions is strangely missing from the spec sheet. Such quirks apart, the app deliver what it promises. Verdict: A decent utility that let you do some quick fact checking on the fly.

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